i refollowed p much everyone i followed here minus random things

if you want it and dont see me following you or something send me an ask i guess?!?!?? doesnt guarantee ill give it to you

chilled isnt a creature but yknow the rest of them are so



i otp nova and moss so hard and also ze and chilled

i otp ze and chilled more

theyre so


my water tag only had 8 pages

my traintracks tag has 22


i have 45 posts in my queue and that was just from my water tag

no you cant make a different main unfortunately (real dumb) i had to use a new e-mail but you can still keep your old blog open or private or w/e thats what i did

ahhH ok!! time to dig up one of my 500 emails to use

thank u for telling me before i like deleted my blog or something messing around omfg gjdf

im thinking about moving blogs now ive wanted to for a long time hm [i wont say waht it is either but ill probably follow mostly everyone]

can you make a different main blog on one account or would you have to make a new acc coz i dont want to loose things ive posted here 0-0 not yet anyway ill prob do some reblogging

my little pony

im seeing yaois im never going back into that tag again

did someone just compare a character from the lorax to tribly





also why are there ask blogs for cabadath and john defoE WHY I DONT WANT TO RAIN ON ANYONES FUN BUT GOD




SUCH A YAOI ANIME FANDOM FOR ONE FO M FAVORITE GAME SERIES?????/////// thats like all there is to the fandom too im gonna cry

1,091 plays


when there is nothing left to burn, you have to set yourself on fire.

where can i crack sai is anyone even awake someone i know give it to me plz 6-9

im either starving or so full im in pain

there never seems to be an inbetween???///////


i woke up from having a dream about a computer virus and i really hate dreams about computer viruses